COVID-19 Notification

In light of the recent developments concerning COVID-19, we decided to close Tamago for the time being, effective today. This way we try to contribute to minimizing social interactions and keep both our staff and our community healthy. 

In the meantime, all payouts by bank transfer will continue as usual.

For cash payments, you can schedule an appointment weekly on Tuesday, through our online scheduler. However, we would like you to strongly consider receiving your consignment proceeds per bank. You can contact us on email for this.

We will be back soon and will keep you posted until then. For now, stay healthy!


Tamago is hiring!

We have a job opening for the position of Assistant Store Manager (24 – 40 h/w). Activities range from sales and intake to visual merchandise and broader organisational projects. Are you a strong communicative person? Are you a precise person who takes ownership of larger responsibilities? Take a look at our Job Openings-page

Spring / summer intake has started

Tamago is open for your intake throughout the year. Right now, spring items do very well! For more information visit the How It Works page.