Unsold items by standard are considered to be returned. It is also possible to donate unsold items. The profits of donated items go to a charity organisation.
Tamago offers fully managed consignment as an option. On a monthly basis, we transfer the proceeds to your account and notify you when the consignment has expired. Sign up for Automatic Payments at Tamago Amsterdam, Spiegelgracht 13.
Yes. Tamago provides a strong suggestion for the prices. The consignor needs to agree on the prices before the items are sold.
Tamago is very experienced in valuing fashion items. Depending on the brand and type of item, usually it is sold between 40% to 50% of the new value. On occasion a piece holds more value (‘it’-items, some Chanel and Hermès items or other highly coveted pieces).
In general, pieces are sold for a period of 60 days after which a 30% discount will be applied (opt-out is possible). If after 90 days, pieces are not sold, they will be returned. In some cases it is possible to prolong the consignment.
Tamago is specialized in the consignment of high-level designer fashion. We sell clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories. For a list of designers and brands we previously sold, take a look at some designers we love. Also for more information regarding intake-conditions, read the ‘How it works’ page.
We currently offer three intake-options. Scheduled, Drop-Off and Postal / Courier. For the Drop-Off service, an appointment is not required. For more information on intake and conditions, read the ‘How it works’-page.
We sell items on consignment basis. That means, after the item sells, we pay out the proceeds. We handle a 50 – 50 split on the net proceeds with a maximum fee of €600 (incl VAT/BTW). Items go on sale for a period of 60 days (period varies depending on the item). Optionally we can extend this with a discounted period. Items that are not sold can either be returned or donated. For more information, read the How it works page and the Pricing page.

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